In order to generalize the model “Monitoring water pollution based on community around world”. Danang Riverwatch take this model as rational to apply it to Cam Thanh and call for participation of the government and local people now and in the future. On September 12th 2015, Danang Riverwatch established a training program for them with support from Clean Water Alliance in Viet Nam at Cam Thanh, Hoi An, Quang Nam.


Participants in training

According to the training, local aquaculture farmers were introduced about the model of “Monitoring water pollution based on community”; a local core team that agreed to partipate in the program has been formed; also, we gained support from both the government and the local community; furthermore, we helped farmers to determine their wishes, activities that they would take part in the future to protect their own environment within provision of DRW and the government.

The most interesting was a team-building activity that they illustrated a tree diagram about realities, causes and solutions for the water environment in Cam Thanh as the picture below.


The diagram shows the plan of “Monitoring water pollution based on the community in Cam Thanh”


As can be seen from the diagram, Cam Thanh community is main roots; the government and Danang Riverwatch are secondary. The wishes of the community about water quality in the future as well as bringing benefits are fruits on the bough. In order to grow up the tree, healthy roots are required, and this model would last as long as possible depends on the local community as the main factor. The community is the important force to monitor the quality and protect water environmental in Cam Thanh. Government and DRW would join hands to build up a stronger community.


The commitment to participate program “Monitoring water pollution based on the community in Cam Thanh”


Also, the commitment by tree diagram is added the fingerprints by community in Cam Thanh. Fingerprints from a variety of colors at different positions in order to demonstrate the level of commitment in the program “Monitoring water pollution based on th community in Cam Thanh”.Especially, fingerprints under the roots of tree have a important meaning.That meaning is the core community groups not only commit to participate program but also they are the main force, leading the way for all the rest of group have enthusiastic participation and responsibility in any circumstances.


Thành Trung – Ngày 19/07/2016