On July 2014,Danang Riverwatch researched and confirmed 3 main waste sources that effect water environment in Cam Thanh.They are aquaculture; agriculture and tourism.Especially, aquaculture (shrimp) serves as the primary source.On October 2014,DRW continued to interview to the study of the effect level of the shrimp waste to mangrove ecosystems in Cam Thanh. However,the shrimp farmers used microorganism preparations commonly and they also always participate in training courses on “Check the water quality of ponds, friendly farming techniques with environment”.So shimp wastes reduced very much.However, the waste source of serious risk to surface water in Cam Thanh during this time is a restaurant, hotel.They often discharge at night.Therefore,this is the most difficult cotrolling of sources.


Downstream of Thu Bon river stretch Red Brigde restaurant

At this point, DRW discovered a team that has knowledge, experience and desire to improve the water environment to serve the needs of their own livelihood – aquaculture community groups were chosen by DRW as the main force to solve the problem of water pollution in Cam Thanh

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Aquaculture community groups (Bo Thanh,Cam Thanh,Hoi An,Quang Nam)


Mr Hung is testing pH of water environment


Mr Trung is testing salinity

In this project, DRW combined approache based on the needs and the power of ABCD with aquaculture community groups  in protecting the water environment. With the maxim,the local community is the force active in the environmental monitoring of surface water. local community is the force active in the environmental monitoring of surface water, DRW deployed public meeting for aquaculture community groups (Bo Thanh, Dong Salt, Van Lang, Song Do, recipients) to report environmental quality status of surface water,then introduced the program of monitoring water quality based on the community and facilitated for community groups design this program in Cam Thanh


Program “Monitoring quality of surface water in Con Nhan,Cam Thanh,Hoi An,Quang Nam

Program monitoring of surface water quality was suggested by the community at 27 points under the Do River, Dinh River, downstream along the Thu Bon channel and small channel of Van Lang village based on parameters about biophysical: color, odor, algae, salinity, pH, DO, NH4 + and As using tools: machine of salinity measuring, category of algae and equipment of test kit.


Thành Trung – Ngày 19/07/2016