Building community environment protection at Cham Island

On 10.29.2015, the Danang RiverWatch club held a program “Green Island – Develop a positive community about protecting water environment in Cham Island, Quang Nam province.” Guests, who were invited to the program, including staff at Tan Hiep commune, where Cham Island Biosphere Reserve is located, residents on the island (including the branch of women, youth, representatives from restaurant, homestay, ….) and volunteers who are studying in Biology – Environment Faculty, University of Da Nang Pedagogy.

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 Mr Le ngoc Thao – Secretariat Global Biosphere Reserve – Cham Island, gave a speech before the program.

The program was held in order to help communities in Cu Lao Cham archipelago understand environmental issues which fresh water (drinking water) are facing, and attempts to find a solution through group discussion activities. DPSIR model has been applied effectively in this discussion.

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Groups are discussing problems which affect water environment in Cham Island.

More than 1-hour exchange, by enthusiastic discussions, the community described four main factors that impact on local freshwater resources, include: Deforestation, pollution, and climate change, using resources unreasonable water, and tourist pressure. The results of the discussion were also described vividly through tree diagrams.

End of the program, guests committed to build together a positive community about protecting water environment in Cham Island. Everyone supported enthusiastically. Each fingerprint is a key factor which promotes awareness of environmental issues in the local community.

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Local people are fingerprinting which commit to save drinking water environment in Cham Island

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Local people determine to save drinking water environment in Cham Island.

Thành Trung – Ngày 19/07/2016